With a blog being a serial production, I felt like it made sense to make an aggregate page to collate writings on travel in a way that is easier to discover and digest. I’ll keep updating this page, especially the anecdotes, as we learn more from planning and executing trips.

The vast majority of my time is spent trying to be as routinely productive as possible. Travel is a way to break routine and get exposed to something new and invigorating. I was lucky in my childhood to be fortunate enough to travel with family several times a year, almost always taking a larger trip annually. My father is really into having travel planning and execution be a cathartic outlet for the routines of life. He is as obsessive and detail focused as I am, so growing up I watched him go to great lengths to plan our family escapades and eventually grew incredibly comfortable with what others might consider fast paced travel. I remembered as a child people would joke about traveling with our family, because the approach was to see and accomplish everything within logistical feasibility.

Once adulthood arrived, and I’d made some moderately good choices about academic and professional engagements, I was able to start thinking of planning travel on my own. To me, planning travel is a multi-objective resources game, with money, time, and other factors that need to be weighed and optimized. I know many that want to pursue the proverbial get away via an omnibus approach to travel planning, my approach is different for a couple reasons:

  • recognition of natural characteristics for having anxiety when not in direct control
  • planning can be enjoyed for weeks, months, or even years prior to executing on the trip
  • measurements of execution against planning helps to modulate the approach for the next trip plan
  • life is more enjoyable when working towards a shared goal with travel partners (cathartic outlet)

My partner in this is almost always my wife, and we still spend a lot of time scheming with family on our upcoming trips. We often are able to travel with friends as well. Everyone has a different approach to planning and execution of a trip. In the world of limited resources (e.g. time, money) one has to make lifestyle trade-offs to pursue different objectives. We’re always inspired by those who prioritize travel over other things in life.

Travel Anecdotes
  • Use the most natural medium for organizing your ideas. We typically use some form of a kanban board, but with a modification of columns for days and entries for activities. Lately we’ve been using phabricator, but only because I use it professionally and forced the family to learn it.
  • Use some form of log during the journey. This can be anything from an ongoing chat to an actual paper logbook that you spend your evenings populating. You’ll want to consult this later when you’re pulling apart the pieces of the trip to share.
  • Use any tools that help you passively. A really powerful tools is built into Android’s Google maps called “timeline”, which provides a day by day accounting of where you’ve moved.
  • Take more pictures than your think you want. Don’t let it get between you and a moment, but it’s almost always best to have an anecdotal shot of something that piquied your interest at the time as it will remind you of what was truly inspiring when you first noticed it.
  • Always use the simplest form of flying. When flights work they are great, but its a complex system with many parties involved. It is always better to opt for other forms of travel that you have more influence over than connecting flights.
  • Obtain some form of a travel card. There are many other benefits to travel cards than foreign transaction coverage, such as automobile insurance and general travel loss prevention.
  • Insure yourself from the failure modes you expect. We have a lot of incidental insurance through our travel cards, but we also have riders for all the items we take with us on a journey to make sure they can be replaced without complexity.
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